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How to Clean a French Drain

Maintaining a dry and structurally sound basement is essential for any homeowner, and one of the key components that contribute.

What Should My Basement Humidity Level Be?

Maintaining the ideal humidity level in your basement is crucial for ensuring the comfort, health, and structural integrity of your.

How Deep Should a French Drain Be?

When it comes to protecting your basement from moisture-related issues, a reliable solution is crucial. One such solution that has.

What is Basement Waterproofing?

A solid foundation is the cornerstone of any well-built home, and a basement plays a vital role in supporting this.

How Long Does Basement Waterproofing Last?

When it comes to maintaining the structural integrity and value of your home, basement waterproofing stands out as a crucial.

How Does a French Drain Work?

A dry and comfortable basement is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and livability of your home. Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

Is My Home Too Old For Traditional Basement Waterproofing?

Older houses have many benefits making them attractive to buyers, including character, beautiful architecture, and curb appeal. However, older foundations.

How Sump Pumps & Water Drainage Systems Work Together

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60% of homes suffer from excessive moisture. At some point, most.

How Critters Can Damage Your Crawlspace

In Michigan, having a “Michigan basement”, also known as a crawlspace, is highly common. These areas aren’t the most ideal.

Your Basement & Your Health

A basement can be extremely handy, giving you extra storage space and an additional area to entertain friends and family..

Basement Humidity: How to Spot the Warning Signs

Sometimes keeping your home in good condition can be a challenge, especially when the damage is being done by an.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Basement Waterproofing

Nobody wants to deal with a flooded basement. Even a small amount of water in your basement can cause significant.

What’s that Smell? Identifying Odors in Your Crawl Space

Does something smell a little off in your home? The answer could be in your crawl space! From poor waterproofing to sewage.

Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation is an essential part of your property. Damage to your home’s foundation can lead to cracked walls,.

Sump Pumps: Protect Your Home

In 2021, Michigan floods were classified as a state of emergency in the United States. If you’ve ever experienced a flood, you.

What to Do If You Have a Cracked Basement Wall

A crack in your basement wall might just be a sign your house is settling, or it could indicate a greater issue..

French Drains & Basement Moisture

It is vital to keep your basement dry, as moisture can easily build-up, causing mold and mildew, resulting in health.

How To Measure the Amount of Moisture in Your Basement

Did you know mildew and mold can grow if your basement is too damp? Not only can a damp basement be unsightly,.

Mold and Your Health

Mold Affects Your Families Health ​A damp basement is a nuisance but it also poses serious health threats. It’s not.

How Did The Cracks In My Basement Walls Form?

How Did They Get There? A crack in the wall can be a bit alarming especially in the basement, but.

Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter & Spring

Wet basements are a major issue for millions of homeowners across the country. For some, minor leaks and condensation might.

What is a Sump Pump?

Many homes in the US currently have a sump pump system and it is a simple but mighty device when.

What Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Mean?

Basements are beneficial – and increasingly rare – spaces. According to data analyzed by the National Association of Home Builders, nearly.

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