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How Can An Interior Drainage System Prevent Moisture in My Basement?

An Interior drainage system beneath the floor your basement is designed to collect surface water and discharge it away from your home, never allowing water to enter your actual basement.It consists of a series of perforated pipes that function to draw water away from your home.

Drain tile is also called French drain, footing tile, clay tile, tiling system, weeping tile, a perforated drain, rubble drain or a foundation drain.

Moving Water Away From Your Foundation Keeps Your Basement Dry

These drain systems are installed on the outside of your home to accompany gutters in diverting water away from pooling around your foundation. The natural occurrence of erosion happens when water is gathered in an area and can cause earth and concrete to be carried away little by little. Eventually, when enough of this happens, combined with the shifting of the ground due to seasonal changes and other natural events, cracks or weaknesses can be exposed to water seepage, allowing moisture, if not floods, to fill your basement. To prevent this from happening, this is where Michigan Basements waterproofing systems come in to play.

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Michigan Basements Multi-Flow Drainage System Prevent Water from Penetrating Your Foundation

At Michigan Basements, we install SafeBasements TM Multi-Flow Drain Tile systems around the perimeter of the footer of our clients’ homes. This is a much more efficient solution to old-fashioned exterior drain tile that can only handle so much water at once. The Multi-Flow system is able to disperse water in five stages, which means that it can handle more volume, keeping water below the slab of your home.

Installing these drain tile systems into your home now can protect you from experiencing further damage down the road. Call Michigan Basements today to learn more about our personalized basement finishing plans and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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