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How Did The Cracks In My Basement Walls Form?

How Did They Get There?

A crack in the wall can be a bit alarming especially in the basement, but they can occur a few ways. They aren’t always an issue but you should always look into them to make sure a larger issue doesn’t occur later on.

Your home is like a person, it ages and things shift over time. Especially since Mother Nature can give it a real beating, it’s important to keep up with it and prevent any larger damage from occurring.


They can be caused by:

  • Lateral loads and pressures against your basement wall
  • Foundation movement from soil and weather shifts
  • High water tables, wet soil, and freezing ground in the winter
  • Shrinkage cracks from cement pouring, which is normal and not a large worry



There are 3 types of cracks:


Minor: 1/8 inch or less

  • Not a large foundational issue
  • Seal to prevent seeping water coming in
  • Caused by normal settling and mouisture changes



Moderate: 1/8 to 3/4 inch with possible leaning

  • Cause for a foundational professional to come in
  • Cracks that are wider at the top than bottom
  • Can be caused by many issues


Major: Anything more than 3/4 inch with possible leaning

  • Cause for a bit more concern, contact a professional
  • Staircase cracks can signify damage to the mortar joints of your home
  • Can be caused by many issues



If you are experiencing water coming through any cracks in your home call us immediately, this is a cause for concern!


(P.S) If you’re looking to buy a new home always get a thorough inspection of the foundational and the basements history if any repairs previously made.


Prevent! Prevent! Prevent!

Waterproofing your crawlspace or basement can prevent water from coming in and expanding any possible cracks from water.


New or Old Homes

It may not matter the age of your home as much as the past repairs of your basement and foundation and the materials initially used. Concrete filling will have shrinkage and small cracks from this are normal but be aware of what into your home to know later on.

Prevent water coming in by:


  • Using longer drain pipes than extend farther from your home
  • Take note and remove any trees that grow too close your home
  • Keep your sump pump win good condition in case water does enter
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