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Tips for Protecting Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s foundation is an essential part of your property. Damage to your home’s foundation can lead to cracked walls, water issues, basement moisture, and expensive repairs. Thankfully Michigan Basement has put together some tips on how to protect your foundation from future damage. Let’s dive into the details.

Consider Drain Tile Systems

Drain tile systems are installed on the ground near your property, helping to transport water safely away from your foundation and your basement. Like gutters, they stop the build-up of water near your property and therefore prevent soil expansion or basement water issues. Drain tiles are much more effective than traditional drains, as they are more efficient in removing water from your property perimeters.

Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts Regularly

A build-up of debris in your gutters can lead to overflow, and a build-up of water around your property, which can then damage your foundation and your basement. Cleaning your gutters regularly allows water to safely be transported to your drainage network. This stops water from pooling in the soil, which can destabilize the surrounding soil structure and lead to foundational cracking. You should also check your downspouts, in the same way, to ensure they are effectively transporting water away from your home rather than depositing it next to your home.

Inspect Your Property Line

Regularly check the area around your property for any changes. Even minor alterations like removing or adding plants can affect the soil in your garden. When soil shrinks and expands, it can have an impact on the foundation around it. Plants act as a form of moisture control as they stop the soil from shrinking and destabilizing the structures around it.

Keep An Eye On Trees

Regularly water any trees near your property. If trees do not get a regular supply of water, like plants, they will suck up the water from the soil nearby. This can cause soil shrinkage that can damage the structure of your foundation. You should also avoid planting trees within 10 meters of your property, as the roots can directly cause cracks and structural issues in concrete.

Invest In Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing can help protect the foundation of your home. Water seepage can put pressure on your foundation, leading it to crack, bulge, or expand. Your basement floor is essentially part of the foundation of your home, so waterproofing the floor can have a huge impact on ensuring it will last for a longer period of time. As part of basement waterproofing, you can also have a sump pump installed, which helps transport excess water in your basement safely away from your property.

How Can Michigan Basements Help?

Michigan Basements can help protect your foundation by installing draining tiles, basement waterproofing, and even sump pump installation. If you want to find out more about how our expert team of foundation specialists can help, contact us today to protect your home’s foundation.

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